Cheap things to do on your gap year adventure
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Cheap things to do on your gap year adventure

Want to go on a gap year trip but scared about how much it will cost you? While activities like bungee jumping, skydiving, and live-aboard dive trips don’t come cheap, there are plenty of other enriching ways to get the most from your travels.

Focus on the following cheap things to do on your gap year adventure and you’ll be able to have fun without going broke in the process.

Take self-guided tours of your destinations

One of the most immersive and instructive aspects of travel doesn’t have to cost a dime. By going for a stroll, not only will you get to see your destination’s buildings, its natural features, and its people, but you’ll also encounter situations which will teach you lessons that will last a lifetime.

From witnessing income inequality on the streets of Manila to seeing how humans have the same base desires everywhere you’ll go in the world, the enrichment you’ll get by going for unscripted walks can change your life.

As long as you consult locals (hostel/hotel staff are a good source of intelligence) first about security concerns, this is a safe activity in which any gap year traveler can indulge.

Do most of your drinking at the hostel

We’re not going to lecture you about the hazards of drinking, as you have likely heard plenty about this in school. However, you need to realize that alcohol will likely be the biggest (if not the biggest) discretionary expense you’ll encounter in your travels.

This may not make much sense if you plan on traveling in Southeast Asia, but the deceptively cheap drinks here can quickly blow a hole in your budget if you attend ragers every other night.

Apart from limiting consumption (you’ll likely do this two weeks into your trip – getting wasted continually on a year-long trip gets old fast), you can save money by drinking at the hostel bar, or by buying beers from the local corner store and drinking at your accommodation.

Often, you’ll have such a great time, there won’t be any need to hit the bars. Don’t force the issue out of a sense of obligation and this normally expensive activity will become one of the cheap things to do on your gap year adventure.

Go snorkelling

While you should go ahead and learn how to SCUBA dive if you feel a burning desire to do so, know this is one of the more expensive activities to engage in while traveling.

If you are content to simply admire marine life in the shallows, opting for a mask, snorkel, and a set of fins will save you considerable cash during your time in the tropics.

Often, coral reefs and other features that harbor marine life can be accessed straight from the beach. This will often make your paltry investment look smart compared to the hundreds of dollars fellow travelers plow into diving licensure programs they may not ever use after they get back home.

Go for a hike

Whether you choose to explore Stanley Park in Vancouver, Canada, or go on a day trek into the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, going on a hike will allow you to explore the flora and fauna endemic to the place you are visiting.

This form of physical activity also allows one to unwind from the stresses of being on the road, as being surrounded by nature has been proven to have restorative effects on the human body. While it is one of the cheap things to do on your gap year adventure, the value this will generate makes it one of the best activities you can do while traveling.

Take advantage of free volunteer opportunities as you go

Want to help make a difference as you move about the world but don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for the privilege?

There’s good news, though: you don’t have to, as there are plenty of places around the globe where you can help organizations desperate for a pair of helping hands. From caring for stray animals to teaching English in hilltribe villages, the possibilities are endless.

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